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Intuisi has been a well established advertising agency in Indonesia since 2004. We have professionals to provide complete communication service to our clients. We put the creative function at the top of our priorities. That’s why we are having the privilege of working on some of the well-known brands.


We Do The Works, Out of Your Imagination.

Intuisi Corporation 7 consists of Groups to Realize your needs.

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Intuisi Corporation is a place where the optimisme begun. It derived from man power that we have, our work, our creation and you… our beloved clients. The aim of our optimisme is to become the leading full service marketing communication corporation in Indonesia.


Intuisi Corporation belive in crafting outstanding out of the box works for our clients. We belive in planning carefully and implementing vigorously. We belive in dedicating oursalves to making our clients more succsessful. The simple line is “our success lies in our clients’ succsess…”

Our Service

Intuition is receiving input and ideas without knowing exactly how and where you got them from. Like creativity, intuitive inspiration often happens when someone virtually hopeless or feel stuck in an activity.


When done correctly this should be completely unharnessed and free-flowing. Thinking about cows with purple poka-dots that are flying cheese pinwheels? Great. Get it out of our head and onto paper, a sketchbook or something that helps you and move on to another idea. Ideation should be sheer creativity, whether it’s silly, cheesy, creepy or just way out there.

Information Gathering / Project Debrief

This is where we obtain the most complete and concise ideas about the project. It’s a good idea to have a set list of questions to ask the client / contact person so we don’t forget anything and we obtain all the information that we will need later.


Google, Yahoo, Bing it, read it, search for it, tear it apart, dissect, LEARN. Do as much scraping as we can on the topic. Be it silly clip-art, logos, descriptions, definitions or some other stuff people have done. We learn what’s there on the subject and expand into our own version and what’s effective. We’re the vehicle for the message.

Brainstorming / Problem Solving

We have the scope of the project, our ideas that we jotted down or sketched out and all of your investigative research. What happens now? We have to put it together. We’ve got to tie all this into one great, creative entity so whoever consumes it understands exactly what we are talking about. This isn’t about finding new ideas, it’s about harnessing the ideas we’ve already made and then putting them together as something useful.

Explaining the Visual

This is the lost art of explaining a message without spelling it out. Does it make the audience draw their own conclusion? Does the brochure help the user understand the client/topic? Does the site help someone gain information and was it easy? Does our logo solve or help identify the brand? Does our illustration support the rest of the project?

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Fahrul Razi

Fahrul Razi

Managing Director

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Fairly Primarini

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